This is Jesus Christ's ministry, NOT "ours"!
A Christian movement to release Strong Christian Warriors, from Jails, Serving God, not time. 
"We are not concerned with the case for one's innocence or guilt. We are concerned with the case for one's soul." - CAJEgroup

   Unbalanced Scales of Justice are a negative result of SIN, on either side. Scales that NOTHING but Jesus Christ can balance.

Proverbs 16:11(KJV) "A just weight and balance are the Lord's: all the weights of the bag are his work."

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   Jail or prison do not matter. To be TRULY saved and free in life can only be accomplished by dedicating your entire life to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.


   A difficult task sadly many Christians are not really doing. I was one of those Christians, and that is the worst sin I have ever committed.


   Even though His rewards are never ending we selfishly find reasons not to obey and study His every word. 

   You can be set free from prison or jail and still spend the rest of your life doing hard time. Incarcerated from sin and the destruction that comes with it. I will fight to my death for my freedom from sin, with Christ being the only advocate one needs. His Grace is sufficient for us all.

Our approach:

   While jail ministry is nothing new, Christ is the only one who can do anything for anyone, we can't. Christ through us will.


    Most jail/prison ministries, and secular programs focus solely on the inmate's, and specific sins(like addiction) the primary focus should ALWAYS be Christ, repentance, and teaching patience and faith. Why none of us can remove sin from ourselves or anyone else, while problems must be addressed we focus more on the solution, which is Christ Jesus. At we realize the effects of sin go FAR BEYOND the sinner. We not only minister to inmates by request of loved ones, we are dedicated to ministering to those loved ones as well, or anyone who God sends our way.

   For every inmate incarcerated due to sin, even if not guilty, and it was someone else's sins that put them there. There is a child missing a parent, a mother or father missing a child, a husband or wife missing their spouse, someone struggling to pay bills, or be faithful. There is a "spoke" missing from the "gear" that keeps a family running smoothly as possible in an already tough world. We go above and beyond to search out SOLID Biblical churches founded on SOUND DOCTRINE to connect family members with in their local neighborhoods.

   Churches that are properly equipped to accept the most broken with love and no judgement. To teach, preach, and witness Christ so that the inmates family or friends become members in churches of Strong Christian Warriors. So inmates have a church to call "home" before they even get released. If they happen to be doing a major stint, or even life. We encourage them to use that time honoring God by submitting to Christ and reaching others within the institution.


   So aside from seed planting through CAJEgroup efforts. Our focus is to get Christian inmates, or perspective open minded people to realize this following fact.


   That in their current un-enjoyable circumstance, it's fairly easy to turn to God from desperation. At the same time being surrounded by a mostly un-Christian fellowship makes it VERY tough. There are plenty of "lip-service" Christians incarcerated for many reasons; boredom, to simply get people to treat them different, or Satan has them blinded to genuine Biblical repentance and dedication to"The Great Commission". 

   So while our initial correspondence digs deep to spark revival in Christian spiritual growth. We do so in a language that doesn't sound like a seminary lecture from a Biblical professor. A language they completely understand, while maintaining true Gospel Biblical principles. Without sounding like a child's Sunday school class at the same time. We absolutely aren't talking about the Gospel language, only the language we use to spark a hunger for the Gospel.


   Then we try to get them pumped, to Biblically train like they are headed to the Christian Olympics. Because if they over-train(impossible) but in theory, than if they slack-off upon release, they are still standing on solid Christian ground. If they are doing 200 "Christian push-ups" a day, get released and only do 50 a day. That's 50 more than when they got locked up in the first place.

   We also accept 1 letter a week from inmates to answer the questions our study guides give them. To promote the searching of answers in Scripture, prayer, and learning to rightly divide Gods word. So many people create a god of their own, that conforms to their own want's and needs. Basically we want to make SURE they are getting Gospel TRUTH, and not what they "think" God is saying. Do we have ALL the answers, ABSOLUTELY NOT, Scripture does. God has surrounded us locally in our home church and city, with some of the worlds TOP Biblical Scholars. If we are "unsure" ourselves, we seek our respected and trusted elders for accuracy before responding.

   We also allow them to confidentially ask questions about concerns they may be struggling with. So we can guide them away from their own solutions, and toward Christ. All backed by Scripture.


   Mustard seed's coming to mind, anyone?


Matthew 17:20 - (KJV)"And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you."

Matthew 13:32 -(KJV)"Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof."

   Along with key points of Biblical referenced spiritual growth, our overall main emphasis is their release. Another non-revelational fact, is no matter how much they do while incarcerated. It's what they do when they get home, surrounded again by life, bills, relationships, problems, alcohol/drugs, any sins you can imagine. While they are incarcerated it is limited. Upon release they are flooded with more than every opportunity to put Christ on the back burner of their lives again.


   That is why we try to get them in a daily routine of building a relationship with Christ so intensely while they are incarcerated. Not a jail offered weekly service, if they are lucky enough to even have that. The goal is to take newly converted Christian's, or what they call lukewarm Christian inmates, and have Strong Christian Warriors being released into communities and churches. We want them in cell having there own church calls, or group studies, and prayer meetings 24-7-365 while they are locked up. More importantly we want them hitting the streets with this same love of Christ.


   Then getting out and surrounding themselves with like minded Strong Christian Warriors in their local churches/communities. Not running back to the same old associations where Christ is not the primary focus.


   Again is their anything "special" CAJEgroup can do? Absolutely not, but maybe just maybe Christ working through us can turn men's/women's lives around for his Glory and they may avoid the second death.

   While we may not have ALL the answers, we back all our information with the Word of God (mostly the KJV). Lets face it, our "calling" is not preaching/teaching to "seasoned saints". With that in mind our primary focus is to get them to realize there is no middle road, or straddling the "Christian fence". We kind of have a military approach to our mission.


   This is a spiritual war. A boot camp/basic training approach, but with limited Christian resources in jail's. They are going to have to adapt a mentality of fearing God, and becoming there own "Spiritual Drill Sargent" in there. We want them to get a "Marine mentality" in a sense, no matter what your going through you pack your cross. If your neighbor drops his/hers you help them pack theirs too. We want everyone coming "home" to Christ. Leave no soldier behind!


   More than giving them "theological" training, our focus is getting them to realize life will be no better once they are released. Without fully submitting to God/Christ and repenting. We want them walking out hungry for there newfound/newly dedicated life with Christ. Going straight to their local churches and becoming strong members. Where they can get the proper guidance/theological/spiritual training they need to maintain a Strong Christian Warrior lifestyle. From the expert leaders in their local church communities. Besides we are still and will ALWAYS be studying Scripture. We dare NOT teach anything we "think" or do not know ourselves.    


Join us n Prayer:

   Dear Father we come to you as most often in need. We do come selflessly though Father, as we raise these incarcerated Christian brothers/sisters up to you. We raise our ministry up to you as well Father. We ask that if it be your will, for no other reason but to Glorify your name that you use us to touch these lives. That somehow our efforts will spark a revival and love for you so you may transform their lives as you have ours Father.


   That their passion for you becomes so immense they not only get released and become members at their local churches. That they become Strong Christian Warriors for your Glory. That the new Christian fellowship that you guide them to is also effectively moved by their passion for you. Sparking revival and a newfound hunger and thirst for you in even seasoned Christian Warriors Father.


   That they enter communities better husbands/wives, sons/daughters, fathers/mothers, family members, neighbors, employees, just better humans Father with Christ manifesting from their lives for your Glory in magnificent ways.


   If it will honor and Glorify you, and please your will Father we ask that you please transform these lives so quickly and intensely and free them from this bondage they are in. Grant them this freedom Father so they may join us in doing your work. With un-measurable thanks for your mercy and grace we do not deserve or earn Father.


   In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Inquiries can be sent to:

P.O. Box 202

Fairdale, KY 40118