Example of Biblical Boot Camp Day 1 First Class

   There will be no screaming or yelling, no excruciating physical challenges. In fact, you will become your own "drill sergeant" so to speak. There will be tears, pain, some suffering, challenges, trials, and many things you can NEVER do, but He in you CAN! Let our new life of daily crucifixion of self begin now!


   On the desk in front of you will see a piece of paper and a pencil. On the board, you see the verse John 3:16. Now write that verse on the paper, except if you are right-handed use your left, and vice-versa. Let me know when all are finished, NO CHEATING!

   Well, that took long enough! O.k. how was it? Very difficult? Very awkward? Very sloppy? Very messy? Very aggravating? Wanted to quit? Could have used help? Felt very un-natural? 

   All right well that's exactly what giving your life to Christ is going to be like for most. By nature, we are born enemies of God due to sin. We are selfish and pleasure-seeking creatures who always want to do things our way and think we know the best way for ourselves. Often we are affected by other people's sin too. Each one of us is here because of sin in some form and the destruction it causes, ultimately resulting in eternal punishment if we die without Christ.

   Things you have never done, or just choose not to do here are going to feel the same way. Praying, reading your Bible every day, praising God through worship, making un-selfish choices, humility, loving people even when we don't agree with them, forgiving people that have hurt us, learning to fast and why, walking in faith, building strong Christian relationships, and trusting God when everything is going wrong and too much to bear, without resorting to sin.

   You can't get to heaven without Jesus Christ, you cant sanctify yourself from sin. God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit CAN. We are totally dependent on Him for life, but He is not a genie in a bottle. You want mountains moved, chains broken, healing in whatever way He so chooses for your life, you have to be Spiritually DISCIPLINED. Train, work hard and push yourself until these things become your natural way of life. Your own "drill sergeant" submitting to the Creator of life.

   We come to Him often broken, sometimes not, just full of pride. Natural enemies of God, but we will leave Strong Christian Warriors giving God all the Glory. When we leave we will LOVE Him and know how much He loves us. For there is no greater gift than the Love of God. In Jesus Almighty's Name, Amen!

Thank You so much for taking the time to review our vision and needs!! 


   Hello, my name is Brian B. I am a sinner now born-again believer saved by the grace of Jesus Christ. I am the founder of CAJEgroup.com and just want to tell you how happy I am that you are taking the time here to consider helping bring this dream to life here in Louisville, KY but available to all Nationwide. 


    I will spare you a full testimony here, I will post it later if you're interested. Here is the short version, I was raised in a solid Baptist family and church and saved at a young age. I also attended a wonderful Baptist school until seventh grade. Circumstances not caused by any fault of my family led to the family and me leaving the church. Sadly, we never returned to another church, need I say more. 


   Fast-forwarding I then transferred to public school in eighth grade, and somewhere between my freshman and sophomore year, I was a full-blown alcoholic. Drugs followed fast, continuing into a life of chaos, crime, ruined friendships, great opportunities destroyed, a college dropout, teenage father, failed marriages, severe depression, suicide attempts, lots of jail, prison time, homelessness, hopelessness, utter humiliation, and I could easily list many more adjectives.  


   Life on death row would have probably been more peaceful and less destructive for me as long as I had gotten right with God. Seriously, I can only describe 30 years as what I imagine Hell being like minus the heat and flames and the fact it never ends.  


   Of course, there were periods of sobriety, numerous rehabs, psychologist, psychiatrist, anti-depressants, and second, third, fourth, and so on, countless chances. All to no avail, until I was so broken, and I got serious about following Jesus Christ. That’s when true repentance and Holy Spirit fire filled my soul.  


   Enough about me, it’s all about Christ. So, let's get to it. Once I got past the initial resentments and sarcasm and sins of mine God spoke to me through the Spirit deeply. That led me to get people like the old me out of jail and off the streets and give them The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  


   I may not be a theological genius, a certified counselor, or have any such man-made titles or letters to accompany my name. What I do have is a true calling from God, and a very strong resume’ of what types of programs and methods don’t work. Sometimes resulting in even more damage. Also, as a Christian which precedes all other possible descriptions of me. While many may attain sobriety from other means or secular programs. I am more concerned with lost souls burning in Hell without Christ than I am them improving their life here on earth.  


   That may sound harsh, but truly what could be of more eternal importance. There are countless lives of good, sober, and happy people dying every day only to realize the reality of Hell and never accepting Christ. Although if one is truly born-again, practicing spiritual disciplines, and faithfully walking and growing in Christ life will get better. Then when storms, trials, or attacks from the enemy come, as they will, being Christ-centered and Holy Spirit empowered we never have to resort to sin to cope. 


   We are looking for some local Christians in or near Louisville, KY to help us build a ministry/program focusing solely on Christ. A FREE program for those recently out of jail/prison, or out of jail still fighting court cases that may be able to avoid prison. Also, people just off the streets who are tired of losing the battle and prisoners to sin, ready to give their lives to Christ, or re-dedicate their lives and repent of their backslidden ways. 


   A program that focuses on Christ more than the addictions/sins. A biblical boot camp if you will. Training them in prayer, daily Scripture reading, solid Bible teaching/studies, the importance of Christian fellowship/relationships, church membership. Biblical counselors to meet with them one on one. The importance of humility and lifelong spiritual growth, the daily crucifixion of self, witnessing to others. With a sermon or message preached from the Word 7 nights a week during their stay. Working and doing chores, being servants not selfish, and making sure we have them connected with a sound doctrine solid church local to them before they leave.  


   There is one of the best- and little-known Christian rehabs in the country, a place I attended in Lenoir, NC called “Bethel Colony of Mercy” which has the perfect model. They have a website bethelcolony.org if you would like to check them out. These guys and gals are Strong Christian Warriors who have got it right, Glory to God.


   We don't want to just join/merge with some other organization or group or implement their model. Due to the simple fact we are open to suggestions/ideas but there are some CORE values we will NOT BUDGE ON like;


  • Christ is ALWAYS the center and head of EVERYTHING we do.

  • Curriculum, materials, methods, teachings will all be Biblical and from God's Word. 

  • We are NOT doctors, we will address ALL issues spiritually/biblically as their Doctors advise them, separate from us, medical treatment is their profession NOT our calling. We don't tell Dr's how to do their jobs, they don't tell us how to do God's commandments.

  • We keep our opinions and ideas to ourselves if we can not back their bases on Scripture.

  • We are NOT concerned with how other programs/places are dealing with criminals/addictions/depression/sins or their "success rates". We ARE as Christians called to preach The Gospel. To let God manifest His life-changing Power and Glory through Jesus Christ, and Christ in us. If we let ANY other methods/means/ideas/viewpoints into this ministry/program outside of what's laid out in Scripture. Then we are NOT exalting, honoring, or glorifying God, but we are actually in sin. Which creeps in unaware and actually diminishes/destroys our witness.

  • We want the world to undeniably see what God can do when a person repents, becomes born again, and lives a disciplined/obedient Christian life. There can be NO DOUBT that anything but God changed these lives and that God must ALWAYS get the Glory. Not us, or any other possible outside methods. JESUS CHRIST PLUS NOTHING!


   I won't take any more of your valuable time but if this sounds like a ministry/dream you would like to be a part of it. Please pray about it and get ahold of us soon. I am looking for Christians to fill the board of directors' positions and begin building this ministry. 


   Preferably those with non-profit experience would be ideal, but not required. There is no shortage of lost souls or people imprisoned from sins and addictions. There is a shortage of those who know Christ is the only way, willing to join in the battle with struggling sinners, just as we were.


Matthew 9:37 KJV “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;” 


   Please don’t hesitate to contact me by email, Brian at info@cajegroup.com with any questions or interest. Or feel free to write to me at CAJEgroup.com P.O. Box 202 Fairdale, KY 40118 There is no greater need or urgency in our torn Nation today than the need to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People have been enslaved to sin for long enough and with prayer and hard work and God's blessing we can introduce many to Christ to become truly free. 


John 8:36 KJV “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” 


In Christ, 

Brian B.


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